Day of Awesome 2017 has ended
#R7DL Day of Awesome is an all-virtual event.  Presenters and attendees will be connected via the internet using Zoom.   A high speed connection is recommended.  Attendees in 2016 said it was one of the best sessions they had last summer.  Join us!  See the Attendee Information page for more information.   

ESC Contacts:  Holly Curry, hcurry@esc7.net, 903-988-6953
                        Donna Staney, dstanley@esc7.net, 903-988-6962 

June 8, #R7DL Day of Awesome, Session 063259, virtual

  • This is a 100% virtual conference.  Presenters will present from wherever they are - home, coffee shop, etc.  All you will need is a high speed connection and a presentation that will play well to a virtual audience.
  • We will give away one door prize to a random attendee at each breakout session.  You can win only once and you have to be in the session until we do the drawing at the end of it.  

To register for the conference, please click here.